Sunday, 6 February 2011

BOOK LAUNCH: Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration

As mentioned in my previous post, my work has been featured in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration alongside many other fantastic and talented illustrators.  Just over a week ago I went along to the book launch which was held at 123 Bethnal Green Road in East London.  

Image courtesy of Volt Cafe
During the day there was a tea party with herbal tea supplied by Pukka Herbs, scones and cakes by Lily Vanilli, a live illustration event and lots of interviews with Amelia Gregory of Amelia's Magazine, who complied and published the book herself.

Stunning #ACOFI inspired cake by Lily Vanilli, photo courtesy of Lira Leirner

I arrived with my boyfriend Jay (check out his motion design reel here- he's mega talented) when the band 6 Day Riot were just about to start playing.  I hadn't heard of them before but they put on an electric performance which really got the crowd going.  The atmosphere was buzzing and I spent the next few hours meeting lots of interesting people.

I was particularly excited to meet some of the wonderful illustrators from the book.  I wish I'd met all of them!  It was lovely meeting Lesley Barnes who is a massively talented illustrator and animator.  She looked super sweet in her vintage dress and had some amazing accessories!

   Lovely Lesley Barnes
I also got chatting to Natsuki Otani, Bex Glover, and Zarina Liew who are also illustrators for the book.  They are all such inspiring ladies!

  Super talented Zarina Liew and her man
Fun chats with Bex Glover, her boyfriend Paul, and Jay

I very briefly met some of the other illustrators- Emma Block, Abby Wright, Andrea Peterson and Jenny Robins... again I wish I could have spent more time talking to them as they are all such exciting and creative talents.

I was thrilled to meet fashion designer Satoshi Date, whose designs I illustrated in the book.  He showed me a catalogue of his designs which was amazing.  He feels so passionately about ethical design and infuses many traditional Japanese influences into his work.  

Satoshi Date and his lovely friend Nobuko
My illustration for Satoshi Date's fashion designs
Satoshi Date's amazing fashion design
It was also inspiring to meet fashion designer Lira Leirner.  She was really interesting to chat to.  I checked out her designs after the party, she creates a real eclectic mix of pieces, which shows a diverse, experimental way with fabrics and concepts.  Check out her designs here.

Beautiful contrast of elegant simplicity and raw fabrics- I love this dress by Lira Leirner
Later in the evening I got chatting to Maxine Ashleigh Johnston, aka jewellery designer Little Miss Delicious.  We both discovered a shared love for bright red Mac lippy and monochrome!  We both had the exact same shade of lipstick and had on black and white dresses.  I think you would all agree she looked fabulous.  I took a look at her jewellery designs after the launch.  Maxine makes super cute pieces with polymer clay which she then hand paints.  They are quite simply delicious!

Jewellery designer Little Miss Delicious
Exquisitely crafted and fun... jewellery design by Little Miss Delicious

Towards the end of the night I got the chance to chat to Amelia Gregory herself.  She looked stunning wearing Beautiful Soul and was full of life.  What an inspiration.  Congratulations Amelia.

With Bex Glover and Amelia Gregory


  1. What a fantastic post! It was so lovely to meet you and your man.....hope we can do it another time!

  2. It's a lovely write up! Also it's great to see you had a lovely time, it's such a shame we missed each other on the night... Hope we can have a meetup and I can meet you fully :)